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Christmas Hampers

What's in the Hampers?


We spend approximately $50 per hamper and include food staples such as pasta, and rice along with some special Christmas treats including mince pies, plum pudding and custard.


The JudyThompsonHugs Society has been very generously supported by donations from friends, family, and professional colleagues.


Fort Knox Self Storage kindly donated the archive boxes we pack the hampers in each year and we are very appreciative for their continued generous support. Having the boxes donated allows us to provide more hampers to families in need. 

The hampers include items such as:

Pasta and Pasta sauce

Pancake Mix and Jam

Two minute noodles

Large box of cereal

Christmas Pudding

Festive jelly lollies

Shapes biscuits

Candy Canes


Mince pies







Who packs the Hampers?

Judy and Richard's daughter Rebecca makes multiple trips to the local supermarkets to purchase the hampers items. It is often a conversation starter when you have 20 boxes of rice bubbles in a trolley along with 50 packets of pasta! 

We have a small army of packers who dedicate a few hours each year to packing the hampers. Rebecca packs a 'prototype' hamper to ensure everything fits snugly in the archive boxes we use to make up the hampers, and the army of packers run a production line to ensure all the hampers are packed with love. 


This year we have a new packer in the family, 6 month old Violet joined the group!

How are the Hampers distributed?


​We distribute the majority of hampers through a social worker who belongs to the JudyThompsonHugs family. Hampers are donated to families at the local schools (primary and secondary), and through a through a family who attend the local church. We also donate a large number of hampers to Kildonan UnitingCare, an innovative and trusted community service. 

The JudyThompsonHugs Society is wholly funded by generous donations. 

If you would like to donate please see the Donate/Contact page for direct deposit details. 

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